Monday, August 1, 2011


ROGUE magazine

Photographed by Mark Nicdao
Styled by LA Consing Lopez
The long wait is over.

ROGUE magazine's Appetite issue is here, featuring Claudine Trillo on its cover conjuring up an image of a pin-up girl, out for a barbecue party. It's a pretty picture actually, especially how you see Mark Nicdao's trademark lighting doing its magic on Trillo and classy styling as always, courtesy of LA Consing Lopez. For me though, I've seen better, more exciting covers from ROGUE. 

While I'm no food expert, I'm a true blue foodie and this cover's got me at "Artisan Ice Cream". Also what's keeping me intrigued is that "tongue cancer" piece. This is what keeps ROGUE going, the thought provoking headlines matched with sophisticated covers, I mean, it's what keeps it a publication apart.

Grab your copies as soon as it hits newsstands (and while I'm at it, go check out my Saddle Shoe piece...One of my more difficult, constantly revised pieces for the magazine, so thank you LA) and I just might change my mind about the cover when it arrives at my place soon.

- Gerard

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