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The mid-week bite brings you the following: a new surfer flick, the 5 albums you ought to download, Patrick Ervell's field coat & Alexander Skarsgaard's pricelessness...All here.

Welcome to your mid-week bite at The Sandwich.


Jeff Buckley's Grace one of the five albums featured @Every Guyed
It's his good looks and his warm, whiskey-sounding voice that brings ladies to a trance. Couldn't blame the man, he's talented and raw-sounding, things that are a "Go" for most ladies. His album Grace is an overall powerful sound trip, setting a mood perfect for sobriety and a little romance. So the next time you want to impress a beauty, make sure Grace is on your playlist. Every Guyed has four more albums that are man-approved and are sure to win the ladies. Check them out here

>>> THE M-65 VERSION 2011 

Patrick Ervell Field Coat in Army Tan @SwipeLife
Everything about this M-65 (Field Coat) is handsome: moleskin in tan, four front pockets that close in snaps, a drawstring waist, metal snaps and Velcro fastenings. Patrik Ervell's 2011 version of a menswear classic is grounded, straight-forward and a summary of the things that masculine outerwear should be: sporty, clean, crisp and chic. What I love about coats and outerwear in general is the difference it makes on a look. This utilitarian staple manages a chic cover-up for lazy days, a humbling armor for flashier occasions or a star on its own, fitted and zipped-up during weather battles. I'm placing my money on this.


Renegade surfers out on a hunt for three of the finest things any surfer would comb the world for: ladies, waves and great times. Year Zero is a post-apocalyptic vision through the eyes of surf stars, shot in 16mm film with a soundtrack by BLACK MOUNTAIN, this is probably the year the world really starts surfing. A GLOBE production sure to please, everyone should know that this will surely leave an impact. Check out more details at Surfing Magazine


Designer gym clothes or just down-right cool athletic gear, Alexander Skarsgard's simple yet memorable cover for WONDERLAND @DesignScene

True Blood vampire, Alexander Skarsgard goes all black and simple for WONDERLAND magazine's Priceless issue September/October 2011. Featured on the other cover is Kirsten Dunst, both of which star in the new film Melancholia. While I have only the slightest idea of what this film is about, it has come to my attention that Skarsgard's steady rise to superstardom has gotten the fashion world pretty excited. This man, will be appearing on more magazine covers real soon and it's no point of contention. His model good-looks and stellar acting chops are sure elements for a lasting star and that's priceless indeed.

- Gerard

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