Monday, August 15, 2011



Mark Sanchez for GQ September 2011
Not really a fan of football to know just how big a star Mark Sanchez is, but he must be really big to land a GQ September 2011 cover. The football star is featured in a (tight) green sweater, clutching on to a football and pretty much grinning on the cover. I like that GQ's using green for their fonts, since they usually just revolve around blues and reds and greys and blacks, so this is pretty refreshing. For me, it's an alright cover. Not their best. I do though find it just a little odd that, since this is their Fall issue, the photos available online of Sanchez show him wearing not that much clothes. They could've dressed him with so many options for Fall, or feature him on the cover in those Dolce & Gabbana sweaters...Right?

- Gerard

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