Friday, August 12, 2011


Rolex's latest offering, DETAILS' guide to the season switch, the musical collaboration of the year (if not the decade) and the bag to buy.
You know what it is gents. That's right.


Louis Vuitton
Burberry Prorsum  

At DETAILS, what they're talking about now (September 2011 issue) is how to do the switch: from summer basics to fall must-haves and this story shot by Will Davidson captures Whale Beach style and how it's done. Bundle up in easy, cool coats from Fall's biggest names right after a surf and it's an instant transition. You may have your doubts about it, but on photos they look great. Check out more from DETAILS' September 2011 issue here.


Midway last week, Twitter was all about some throne to watch. I had no idea what #WatchTheThrone meant or what it was about, but when I dropped by the Rolling Stone website last week I read an entry about a Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration, which, as you know, is a high voltage collaboration. And then I heard it on the radio how one of them complained about the other and stuff like that---typical industry drama, and finally confirmed that Watch The Throne is the title of these geniuses' project. Days ago was the debut of their awesome song, Otis featuring Otis Redding's Try A Little Tenderness as the song's cool, vintage base. The video is superb, simple but cool. The ladies are beautiful, Kanye's JakandJil-esque bracelets are killing me, Jay-Z's rhymes are spot on and that car... (mind you, I'm no car fanatic, but I know a beautiful ride when I see one). Gents, should I say more? Listen up now!


Patrick Stephan "Body Bag" @ Selectism
Sheepskin. Oversized. Brown/Black. Awesome interior lining. I'm sold. But really, Patrick Stephan's Body Bag is one of the finest looking bags out there. You could stuff everything inside it and never worry about ruining its looks, cause this one's built to last (despite its plush looks). Doesn't really matter if you go for black or brown cause it looks fantastic either way. And did I mention that cityscape interior? Oh yeah, I already did.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King Precision (1966) @GQ
Combine a fine quality, tri-colored nylon strap with something as precious as a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King Precision (that dates back to 1966) and you get a $3,600 timepiece that sums up a perfect summer anywhere. It does break the bank but when you think about it, it really should. It's a Rolex, a vintage one at that and while you think it's trendy to strap on something like this, you'll realize that every summer gents actually wear timepieces such as this one. So, if you have money to get one, I suggest you get one now.

- Gerard

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