Tuesday, September 27, 2011


ROGUE Magazine
Anne Curtis, October 2011

Shot by Mark Nicdao
Styled by Pam Quinones
My love affair with ROGUE started with Anne Curtis: July 2008. She was wearing a white tank, pulling it down and it was the simplest, most eye-catching cover on the newsstand that time. I had only the slightest idea about the magazine, but it was the cover that really got me.

Now she's covering it again. Shot in Paris, by Mark Nicdao and styled by Pam Quinones. Possibly the country's biggest star today, Anne Curtis is smoking lights, incredibly sexy, beautiful and just plain perfect. Grab your copies and don't worry about not getting bang for your buck cause the cover alone is worth it. As always, the magazine has got you covered for the entire month on all things entertaining.

BUT, what's incredibly great about the October issue is its 3 covers. So this is the first one. ROGUE, ROGUE, ROGUE... Always beating themselves.

Congratulations...I am speechless.

- Gerard

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