Monday, September 12, 2011


The best anorak off NYFW Spring 2012
Simon Spurr
Simon Spurr's clothes had a certain glow about them.
Maybe it's the Spring 2012 glow we've seen in tons of them already since Milan and Paris. Not saying it's bad. In fact, it was one of the saving graces at Spurr. Moments before I decided I'd pass for a Spurr review, then came the loose, slim shirts, buttoned-up and showing some flow and movement to them that won me. Then the anorak---the ever so handsome anorak. Then the mesh shirts. Then the patched shirts. It's typical Spurr with faultless tailoring and just A++ shapes, but the subtle play of texture took the collection to lovable territories.
Colors are Spring 2012 staples, maroon, navy blue, white, khaki, black and olive. But the bold stripes that ran across suits opened up Spurr fans to an edgier offering.
It's probably the rebellious streak to the whole look and feel of the collection, something that Simon Spurr's dandy looks hadn't offered before that gave this one a breather. Not his finest outing for sure (cause Spurr has so much more to offer), but it's Simon Spurr and I'd gladly wear that anorak and those loose, slim shirts 'till I'm fined for overusing and abusing them.

- Gerard

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