Monday, September 12, 2011


Light, Breezy, Sporty & Cool
Loden Dager
Unpretentious is not the term for looks like these anymore (cause obviously, there's a little studying involved here)...Cool could cut it as well, but...I don't know. 
At first it might've seemed korny, cause the bright colors and the breaks of neutrals that saved you from a possible sour face looked---well, korny. But prejudices aside, Loden Dager did a collection that was far from korny. 
It was young, fitting for college cool kids who really took dressing down seriously (and those who were possibly tired of the neat and well-groomed kids we've been seeing a lot of lately). The colors are, of course, a story on its own: neons and brights all coming together in varying degrees, without missing out on easily wearable neutrals. Drawstring shin-gracing trousers and shorts were big here. Prints on shorts, just like at Dolce & Gabbana, surprisingly went well with wobbly-lined printed shirts. In a nutshell, it's light, breezy, sporty and cool. For the safe-siders, there's loads to pick up from the collection: light denim jackets, grand daddy-approved short sleeve shirts, sweaters for layering and  rolled-up trousers.
But "cool" still doesn't give it justice. Maybe the word for it is young. I see a lot of the young ones enjoying these looks. And yes, I'm finally saying it, thank you Loden Dager for making rubber shoes awesome again.

- Gerard

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