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What matters now (and possibly for more months to come) are all here. 
THE EDGE is also paying its respects to one of the fashion world's most influential men.

+ STYLE: Ben Nordberg for The Block magazine

Part skater, part coolest kid on the block, Ben Nordberg does well for The Block magazine

Mandatory, I tell you for skaters to be cool. But young skater Ben Nordberg's spread for The Block magazine brings cool to a whole new level. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it's really this cool. Aside from Nordberg's natural brooding looks and model-worthy frame, the styling is all laid-back, giving much emphasis to subtle prints, a little texture and awesome layers. Check out more of Nordberg's other photos and how The Block does Fall cool

+ MUSIC: Mayer Hawthorne's The Walk

Been a fan of Mayer Hawthorne since the day I learned of him. Now, his newest video for The Walk, off his album How Do You Do, reminds you of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. YouTubers might tell you it's far from the Brangelina blockbuster cause, apparently, Mayer Hawthorne and the sexy lady here are "bad shooters", but who the hell cares. The video's awesome, especially all the slow-mo portions. The song's all throwback and cool and is actually quite refreshing to listen to. Make sure you get yourselves a copy of How Do You Do and abuse all your "put on loop" buttons and options, cause this one's worth it. OH, and also drop by YouTube and look for the super smooth version of Just Ain't Gonna Work Out with the legendary Daryl Hall. 

+ DRINK: Hennessy X Theodor Tea Infuser  & Carafe by Mathieu Lehanneur
The collaboration @Viacomit
Two really big names mix together and you've got a for-sure pricey and perfect collaboration. Hennessy cognac meets tea by Theodor is possibly the most refreshing combination you've got waiting for your weekend, downtime sipping. To sweeten the deal, designer Mathieu Lehanneur lends his talent to design the sleek carafe and tea infuser as well. And before you complain about flavors, you've got four here. Now, you could complain about something...A thing this good comes in limited numbers. So better race everyone else to it.

+ THE STYLE LEGEND: Francesco Cominelli
Rest in Peace Francesco 
Vogue Hommes International editor and street style superhero, Francesco Cominelli has sadly passed away last October 7, 2011. Stylish man and incredibly talented Francesco has been most famous to outsiders thanks to his signature mixing and matching style, turning signature pieces into his own. Friend and photographer Jak and Jil blogger Tommy Ton captured the brilliant soul in all his handsome glory and it's best the world remembers him in such simple yet influential and moving photos. Rest in peace Francesco.

- Gerard

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