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GQ's "wait for it, it's gonna be...legendary" cover,  boots worth the hike, a bag I'm dreaming of as we speak and the art exhibit you'll want to visit.

The mid-week sandwich you'd gladly take a bite out of. Welcome to The Sandwich gents!

+ GQ hosts a musical of Survivors
The face, voice and the words of a generation.
Eminem for GQ November 2011
The November 2011 issue of GQ just might be my favorite of all time. While I'm still loving the October issue, hours ago GQ finally released its impressive portfolio of musical geniuses. From Eminem to Debbie Harry, Brandon Flowers to Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne to Keith Richards, their Entertainment issue of Vanity Fair proportions has successfully profiled a whopping 38 artists, all heavy hitters and names in the music industry. Read and brush up on some pop and music culture and history with this issue and ask yourself, why they're called The Survivors. Keep checking out their website as well to watch, read and listen to their interviews. But your best bet is to grab the copy. And did I mention how the cover is awesome?! Yes! It's fucking awesome. Definitely a book and a must-read for GQ, music and magazine fans.

+ The finest wash bag there is...by Mulberry
Mulberry's Large Leather Wash Bag @finercut
My wash bag is a pretty Ralph Lauren one, a charming hand-me-down from my late stylish grandfather. If he handed me this done, I'd freak out. Not that my Ralph Lauren looks like trash (in fact, it's one of the prettiest things I've sene), but this Mulberry leather wash bag is just insanely chic. Their Scotchgrain luggage collection offers you this baby, made of fine leather in cognac and trimmed with a lighter brown strap. Divine is an understatement, fine as well. Had anyone given this to me as a present, I'd never take it out of its box. Too good to be a "wash bag". It's that beautiful. 

+ Inside birds' houses. Art by Lori Blados

Bedroom by Lori Blados @ Curated
Training in college always told us never to say "it's cute" after seeing an artwork. It's rude, it's shallow and most of all, no one should say things are cute. Well, that last part, you could save for other things, just not art. HOWEVER, when I saw the paintings by Lori Blados, it was the first thing that popped in my mind: "Oh how cute, birds have their own human-like houses." Now, I'm punching myself for that. Lori Blados' exhibition runs from September 30 to October 28 in Connecticut at Diane Birdsall gallery, featuring birds that are looking into bird houses that have human elements in them. Trippy to some of us, but it tells you something about reality and how, possibly, there could be other forms of reality we are all unaware of. That's my interpretation of it. But it's better for you to check them out on your own and study...Just don't say it's cute. 

+ Hike away in Visvim
visvim's Serra boots @ HighSnobiety
A hike usually requires more function than fashion, but we all have to thank the fashion gods up above, cause definitely somebody there loves us. Hikers and non-hikers behold the handsome, rough yet neat Serra boots by Visvim. Waxed cowhide uppers and Okayama denim detailing, plus a natural cork footbed, leather welt construction and all the signature visvim detailing, these goodies are great on and off a hike. Hikers, go test the fashionable footwear, cause it'll surely deliver. If you're more like me, I'll wear this for fashion. And fine, probably climb a mountain too...

- Gerard

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