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We're this close to ending 2011, but the great stuff just still keep on coming. Welcome November, gents with THE EDGE's STARTER.

>>> ICON: Leonardo DiCaprio

WHY HE'S LEGENDARY: Famous for movies that challenge the ordinary movie-goer's expectations, this actor is one of our greats: Leonardo DiCaprio has shown that having staying power, pure talent and taking acting seriously could get you to legendary heights. Never one to top bill a snooze of a film and DiCaprio has maintained---if not improved, a career that stands firmly on a true understanding of the art of acting. 
WORDS TO LIVE BY: I was always the kid in school who tried to get attention, not necessarily the class clown, but I'd do little unexpected performances.

The Steve McQueen edition @Selectism
WHY IT'S HOT: The Great Escape did influence today's culture, at least in the style department what with Steve McQueen looking all rugged and cool in his awesome antics in the 1963 film. Triumph takes its inspiration from the "German military BMW" that McQueen used for the movie, giving the Steve McQueen edition an awesome military green matte touch. I'm no expert in bikes (you could definitely tell), but this one looks most handsome I tell you from the others I've seen. The namesake also gives it an added muscle of a personality...1,100 units will be created and you better get yourself one soon.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: I've got my cousin to thank for this one. I'm hooked cause these are the songs I love listening to and the kind of singing I'd be glad to pay big bucks for. Allen Stone makes Robin Thicke's falsettos sound like whispers and gives James Morrisson's already bluesy voice a more soulful and solid twist. What I also love more about Stone is how he looks: it's completely unexpected and somehow you find yourself categorizing his looks to a certain genre of music. But it sure does work. Consider me stoned real bad.
TRACKS TO LISTEN TO: His take on Corinne Bailey Rae's cover of Bob Marley's Is This Love is perfect. Unaware's politics sound incredibly beautiful once sung by Stone, making economic troubles and social issues actually bearable. Say So and Satisfaction are feel good songs you'd love to walk or commute to. 

Great photography meets great styling meets great casting equals an A++ fashion story for GQ Russia @ models.com

WHAT'S TO LEARN: If you're in somewhere cold---incredibly cold, that shearling is your best choice for outerwear, take a look at GQ Russia's editorial featuring a handsome roster of models---Garrett Neff, Ryan Kennedy, Jamie Strachan & Chris Folz, for a stylish idea. Pick out Fall's coolest shearling pieces from thick shearling-collared, leather coats to all-out shearling jackets plus how to incorporate layers of other Fall basics in the mix. With photography by Yu Tsai and styling by Kate Melnikova, these shearling looks deliver the hottest of stylish impact.

VOGUE Espana's guest editor @models.com

YES, NATASHA POLY! I've always associated her with Gucci for lots of reasons, but the beauty that is Natasha Poly has been a force on the runway. Managing a Victoria's Secret stint and at the same time pouting it up on sinister shows like Balmain and Dolce & Gabbana---just to name a few (a feat that is rare in the world of fashion) the Poly's incredibly sexy body and chiseled, haunting face delivers a scorching project indeed for VOGUE Espana's current issue. Gents, I believe it's time you start obsessing over female models and try some Spanish lessons on the side for this month.

>>> READ: 11/23/63 by Stephen King
Alternative history as written by Stephen King... @ The New York Times 
WHY IT'S WORTH THE READ: If you were given the power to travel back in time and change something that would wave into, well, ideally better future effects, would you do it and when and where would you go? Stephen King, master of horror, takes his hand at penning something incredibly more interesting than his earlier masterpieces. 11/22/63 takes readers into the world and perspective of Jake Epping, a 35 year old Maine school teacher who gives a class assignment that'll change lives of the present, the future and, with the help of a diner-owner friend, the past. The historic date and figures involved, the Kennedys, prove to be the book's preliminary selling point, making it more understandable by saying something like Stephen King's latest novel meddles with alternative history, how his protagonist travels back in time to save JFK from the assassination. But as The New York Times review shows, there's more to go hyperventilate about with this soon-to-be-best-selling book than just the Kennedys and the possibilities of a different world history. Click on the review to learn why this one just might be your new favorite novel. You know what I see? A movie in the making. 

New collections @ Secret Forts

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE: I'm a bag boy. I totally understand all them ladies who treat their bags like toddlers, that they need their own chairs and when waterdrops, just magically stain them, your heart kinda skips a beat...Plus I'm a sucker for no-brainer, simple yet incredibly elegant and beautiful bags. So, imagine how happy I am to see the latest goods from Stanley & Sons. All classic shapes, neutral colors made out of two of the most dependable bag materials in the world---canvass and leather, everything out of the new collection has my name on it. There's double pleasure, style and more texture, definitely, in a bag with canvas and leather. Congratulations...Great collection.


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