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Weekends ought to be relaxing and to an extent, comparable to a cool shower that'll jumpstart a bright day. For this weekend, we're giving you just that: a shortlist of everything inspiring, from people profiles to the perfect Holiday shopping list, we've got you covered.
Welcome to THE WEEKEND gents, enjoy!

>>> Kick with the collab: Converse + Tenue de Nimes Indigo Chuck Taylor All Stars
This week's coolest kicks @HighSnobiety
WHAT'S THE HYPE? Three big countries worked on this one and the result is pure genius. Presenting the American classic, re-imagined by Amsterdam's Tenue de Nimes for the store's 3rd year anniversary. 50 pairs dyed by Japanese denim label, Momotaro and the Rampuya dyeing factory gave Converse's Chuck Taylor All-Stars a much covetable coat. Its "verging-on-the-beaten-up" look is actually quite simple, which makes the collaboration an instant hit. If this doesn't seal the deal yet, you'd be pleased to know that they're all hand-dyed and hand-numbered, just the way you like it. Selling starts today!

>>> The Distinct Series: Taylor Pemberton for The Men of Distinction Series by The Motley


WHY IT MATTERS: Men's Grooming specialist, The Motley has come up with short video profiles of distinct men who are considered movers and shakers of various industries in America and for this one, they present Designer and Creative Director, Taylor Pemberton. Pemberton is the man behind Cavaliler and Wantful, and he's just one among the many distinct men they've featured, who are all gutsy and brilliant enough to be men apart. Be inspired and check out what stories they have to share, all here

>>> Blog of the Week: The Book Cover Archive
They sure look great @TheBookCoverArchive
WE'RE JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER? Actually it's more of appreciating a book for its cover. This is the cyber destination for bookies and design enthusiasts alike, for here is a stunning collection of the world's sleekest and most awesomely designed book covers all worth a space in a museum. From genius text-only designs to images that hold---most definitely, the key to understanding the book's story, this is a dream come true for people like me who'd not only love to write one someday, but also cause I simply love books. Drop by The Book Cover Archive and watch time fly by fast...Don't worry, it just might inspire you to pick up a new read for the week.

>>> The Want: DETAILS' Holiday Gift Guide

The coolest things you'd want this Holiday season, all courtesy of @DETAILS
WHY ARE WANTING THEM? From Prada's handsome headset down to a Rimowa suitcase filled to the brim with this season's finest sweaters, DETAILS magazine's December 2011 issue features 38 gifts for everyone that'll excite, delight and, for some of us, cry from all the pricey goodness. Well, it's best to check it out while we're weeks away from Christmas, cause you wouldn't want to be breaking down cause you just don't have anything. 

- Gerard

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