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15 Days 'till Christmas and THE EDGE brings you a special WEEKEND: 15 things to give, get and go with for the Holidays. 

For you, her, him, them and everyone else THE EDGE gentleman cares for. 

Let's get shoppin' gents!

>>> FOR THE COOL BOSS: Red Rooster Coffee Mill
Red Rooster's charming Coffee Mill @ Selectism
CHRISTMAS CHARMER: Your awesome boss will appreciate this gift, especially when he or she's madly fueled by caffeine. Those freshly roasted beans will get its proper grinding and wear better taste with something like Red Rooster's coffee mill. This one checks out all the boxes required for a great coffee-drinking experience, from the materials used, the look, not to mention a big, big chance of being awesomely promoted.

>>> FOR THE DANDY: Albam Pocket Squares
More designs here @ Swipelife

THE DANDY ESSENTIAL: English-made Albam turns Japanese clothes into pocket squares that are now, obviously, objects of desire by all dandies out there. Available in three designs, these tiny wonders give a touch of elegance and quirk to any plain old navy DB or one-button suit. While you're thinking of your best dandy bud, might as well buy yourself one.

>>> FOR THE LITTLE BOY: LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

TIME-CONSUMING BUT DEFINITELY ALL-REWARDING GIFT: Sure, it may consume lots of your time and it's no joke of a price ($100+), but there is nothing more rewarding for a kid than to build a Volkswagen T1 Camper out of specially-designed Lego pieces. It's more than just a toy, but actually a tedious yet fun lesson in patience, hardwork and assembling things together. Major sales talk aside and simply put, I'd love to have this for Christmas had I been ten years younger. 

>>>  FOR THE FASHIONISTA: Jonathan Saunders and Smythson notebooks

Collaboration du jour @ ELLE
DESIGNER PLANNING: Your ELLE-reading girl friend has got this one down on her wishlist. For almost $200, your giving your fashionista friend a gift that isn't just stylish and chic, but will also be her partner through next year, and the next years to come. Now, if only Jonathan Saunders and Smythson had ones made for guys...

>>> FOR THE LITTLE GIRL: Harajuku Lovers Lovers Jingle G Fragrance
Harajuku Lovers Christmas Special @ ELLE

FANCY START: Ease a little girl's way into being a lady with Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers' Christmas Fragrance. The colors, the figurine and most definitely the scent will put a pretty grin on your little girl's face as she fancies it up after unwrapping this one. 

>>> FOR THE LOVERS: DETAILS' magazine's True Romance
Chunky sweaters for him and for her @DETAILS
Seriously?!: Yes of course! In your circle of friends, there is always that one couple you consider your favorite, that giving them complementing sweaters for the holidays seems the best thing you could do. His is a navy blue, Holiday, shawl-collared cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger and hers is a heavy and chunky-knit cardigan from Isabel Marant. You'd be happy to claim "stylist" after seeing their Holiday photos looking, well hopefully as good as this one from DETAILS.


Kiehl's cuddly-coat grooming shampoo and conditioner from Nordstrom

HERE'S A STYLISH STEAL: For the stylish canine owner and lover, Kiehl's has the love covered. Its cuddly-coat grooming shampoo and conditioner does a splendid job at giving the pets a beautiful, healthy coat, and at $17 each, this one is a major stylish steal what with its quaint and chic bottle design. Perfect for the pet lover.

>>> FOR THE ATHLETE: Mykita X Moncler LINO Sunglasses

GET NOW PLEASE: Consider this a step ahead everyone else for the 2012 bug-eyed, dark reflective lens trend AND an awesome partner for all those active sportsmen. Mykita collaborates with Moncler to produce the LINO sunglasses. These cool, heavy-duty sunglasses not only score lots on the style department but prove most durable for sports like skiing with frames specifically designed for durability and lightweight use and mineral glass lens that are clear.

>>> FOR THE LITERARY FRIEND: Haruki Murakami's 1Q84
2 Moons. 900+ pages. Pure Murakami magic @NYTimes

AN ADVENTURE OF A READ: The buzz about anything Murakami these days is impressive. Whatever he does, seems like people just buy into it. Not saying that he's a phony. In fact, the most famous Japanese novelist I know who's successfully won literate hearts the world over is Murakami. 1Q84 is no exception. Two moons and two Tokyos on parallel universes---if there is such a thing, makes this 900+ page novel a heavy and all consuming read. But the way Murakami does it will make it all worth the time and energy. The best gift you could give to a mad reader friend. 

>>> FOR LADY LOVE: Chanel's Cruise Antibes Bracelet
Expensive, but, if you really love her, this one will put a smile on her face for a long, long time.
NOT A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL, BUT IT'S THE NEXT BEST THING: Girls always complain about not having enough shoes, bags, clothes and jewelry and if you have the paycheck to stomach big spending--wait, that's putting it badly. Rephrase: If you have the paycheck for it and this much love for the woman in your life (who is just as patient and loving as she is to you), get her something timeless, one that'll last her good. Chanel's cruise antibes bracelet is a heavy piece of work and an expensive one at that, but its beauty will make even an architect or design-enthusiast straight male swoon. Wrap this in a simple box, have it tied with a bow and surely, she'll be spending her Christmas in tears of joy.

>>> FOR THE STYLISH BROTHER: Mark McNairy Country Brogues
He'll kill for these... @Selectism

WEAR 'TILL THEY'RE OUT OF STYLE: They'll never go out of style, actually. These classics by master cobbler Mark McNairy is on every stylish man's wishlist. They're suede olive brogues with awesome  detailing and steady soles that'll give awesome grounding for your brother's easy, stylish ensembles. Hopefully though, he hasn't raced you to purchasing his own.

>>> FOR POPS: Dunhill Chassis Leather Holdall Bag
For the busy, traveling, stylish dad @MrPorter
SO HANDSOME, YOU'D WANT TO KEEP BORROWING: Dad deserves a stellar bag, something that'll accompany him to his distant business trips and weekend getaways. The solution, Dunhill's Chassis Leather Holdall. Rubber handles, side buckles for more room, this one's too damn good, it even stands scratching and water damage. Of course, it looks a billion bucks. See, it's that great, you'd might want to buy your own.

>>> FOR THE PARTY GIRL SISTER: Kate Spade Sparkler Gia Clutch
This one's got her name all over it @ELLE

MAKE HER SPARKLE: She's all about having fun and looking smashing on all her parties out. And as a brother, you'd want her to be the sparkling, beautiful scene-stealer you love her for. Drop by Kate Spade and pick out this one, cause it surely will make her the most stylish lady wherever she is. 

>>> FOR MOM: Gucci Diamantissima Bracelet

Simple, but definitely stunning for mom @VOGUE

WHEN SHE TELLS YOU SHE DOESN'T WANT ANYTHING:  Cause I know they usually do. To the first woman in your life, she deserves nothing but the best. A simple, straight-to-point, unfussy but heavyweight and elegant bracelet such as Gucci's 18K yellow-gold Diamantissima bracelet says "I love you" and "thank you mom" in an elegant and stylish way. To top this off, give her a hug and a kiss, you mama's boy.

>>> FOR YOURSELF: Rolex Bamford Special Edition Bi-Color Submariner 

The ne plus ultra on luxury watches @GQ
FOR BEING THE BEST YOU THIS YEAR, & THE NEXT 50: I'm saying give yourself a gift, big enough to make you proud of yourself and big enough to keep you wearing, loving and happy for the next 5 decades (or more). If it's this mindset you're on and if you're some bigwig, topnotch, young bagillionaire, here's the answer: Rolex's sick, sick beauty, the  Bamford Special Edition, is a young-looking handsome watch, that punches the whole color-blocking or two-toned trends we've been seeing lately right on the face. And that's just the looks department, I'm mad about. It just might cause you 20 grand, but owning a Rolex means deserving it, working hard for it and most definitely, understanding all the craftsmanship and history behind it. If you're nodding your head "yes" to all of the above, what the hell are you doing finishing this post? Go have a Merry Christmas, gent! You've earned it.

- Gerard

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